Aays Data Platform

Turn data into powerful insights with fast, high performance and customizable data platform

Our state-of-the-art data platform comes loaded with plentiful features. It integrates disparate enterprise data comprising customer, product, sales channels, external market information etc., to dramatically improve the integrity of the data otherwise contained in siloed datasets. It then transforms this data into powerful intelligence to help you improve your revenue at an all enterprise-level.

Re-usable and modularized data platform
It is built on a modularized approach like lego blocks. Data from multi source systems (finance, operations, marketing, third party, CRMs, ERPs etc.) are synthesized and harmonized in the form of modularized datasets. These are then plugged into a larger analytics ecosystem – easily and quickly - thereby accelerating time to market. The ‘Out-of-the box’ data connectors further accelerate the journey with pre-built and tested data assets.
Descriptive root cause analysis
We help you do even the most complex and challenging root cause analysis. We help you identify underperforming products, accounts and marketing programs so that you understand exactly what is driving a given change - especially if it is unexpected.
Impactful visualization of data
We provide pre-built and customized visualizations by turning your raw data into understandable visuals, reports and graphs with user-friendly features. This allows you to communicate big ideas quickly, effectively, and easily.
Scenario modelling and what if analysis
We help you take your corporate planning to the next level by allowing you the flexibility to quickly change the assumptions of the critical business parameters/ variables and reflect important changes that may have taken place in regards to your company’s operations.
Predictive analytics for advanced forecasting, target setting
We help you analyze data and build analytics models to predict your future outcomes. Aays Data Platform is a flexible and scalable platform to uncover potential risks and opportunities for your organization.
Prescriptive actionable analytics
We will analyse your data and actually suggest a range of prescribed actions and the possible outcome of each action. Our models can also recommend the best course of action for any pre-specified outcome.
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