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Aays Profit Driver (APDTM) brings together a strategic framework where internal and external profit drivers are unified in a singular model to provide insights from short term and long term perspectives. The backend engine modularizes datasets and complex relationships which impact profitability in such a manner that can not only provide the root cause analysis but also bring in hidden insights using statistical techniques and state of the art machine learning models. This is an enabler that captures internal capabilities, business processes, operational strategies, external market conditions, and competitor benchmarking information that can be possibly impacting the profits of an organization. It then creates comprehensive frameworks that go beyond the regular analysis and suggests various actions that can increase the probability of your business.

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Aays Profit Driver contextualizes strategic frameworks for profitability analysis, especially the interplay of revenue drivers, cost drivers and external environments usually considered in a standard FP&A process. It then rapidly deploys data engineering, analytics, machine learning, data science and statistical techniques to give you a unified and rich view of positive and negative factors affecting profitability

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