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All eyes are on the finance teams to power growth for the business, and ROI is one of the key areas that you as a finance team will not overlook. With Aays ROI intensifier, the finance and the FP&A teams are best positioned to use data and analytics to drive higher returns on investment across the business. We help you by using the information you collect internally and externally to generate insights for improving ROIs, leveraging artificial intelligence, as well as descriptive and predictive analytics. These insights, then help you align operational tactics with your financial plans.

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We empower you to identify growth opportunities by assessing macroeconomic trends, producing product-level forecasts, and estimating the return on investment of various spends across the organization. Aays ROI Intensifier will help you:
Get all your customer data, product data, pricing information, external information in a centralized data engine so that all analysis are run from a single source of truth and senior stakeholders can trust the analysis built on it.

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