Advanced analytics is disrupting the role of a finance controller

Controllership areas that are enabled by advanced analytics

Business partnering

Cost & profitability management

Financial planning & forecasting

Cost allocations

Internal & external reporting

Finance efficiency

Your controller will be the 'single source of truth'
A consistent framework and strategy to apply advanced analytics will empower your controllership to become the single source of truth for all the strategic decisions in the organisation.

For instance, predictive analytics from internal sources such as company databases can provide predictions of future material supply cost development. With these results, prescriptive analytics can find optimal solutions and their likely outcomes for decision-making situations, such as vendor choice. As an increased amount of information is available about different vendor alternatives, a management accountant can suggest the most beneficial vendor for the company in the long run.
Drive the transformation by partnering with Aays Analytics We empower your finance team to become more data driven in this agile business environment by leveraging data from across the organization, including sales, operational, and financial data to provide insights focused on the company’s strategic priorities. Aays enables your controllers to adopt advanced analytics and move from use of analytics for descriptive purposes to diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive uses.
Aays Analytics allows you to move rapidly from a backward looking model to a forward looking model
Looking forward
Looking back
Random testing
Predictive modelling
Statistical modelling
Discovery and alerts
Query and dril down
Ad hoc reporting
Canned report
What action should be taken?
What will happen next?
Why did it happen?
What has happened?
Insights that help you grow your business
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