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Data Analytics Implementation Journey in Business and Finance Businesses frequently struggle to manage the massive amount of data. Despite the fact that data analytics can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here's a detailed guide to integrating data analytics in your business and finance function.
AI transforming FP&A
How is AI transforming FP&A in the consumer goods industry? Keeping up with the rapidly evolving CG industry can be a difficult task for traditional FP&A approaches, and this can make it challenging for finance teams to make informed decisions. To gain a competitive advantage, many CG conglomerates are adopting AI to transform their FP&A processes.
Transforming Finance Function with Advanced Analytics The use of advanced analytics in finance helps CFOs keep their organizations agile and adopt a forward-looking approach for enhanced profitability and enriched customer experiences. In this article, Anil Kumar shares a success manual on things finance executives should know to build, strengthen and lead the finance transformations.
Data science in corporate finance
How large enterprises are democratizing data science, ML in the corporate finance space Now, with finance functions moving from BI to AI, the finance leaders are realizing that the skills of data scientists have to become an essential part of their toolset. They desire to be able to apply advanced analytics methods to gain deeper insights.
How data analytics can significantly help manage working capital? A crucial step in increasing working capital effectiveness is to use data analytics. We provide financial activities a data-driven approach, and help businesses transform how they efficiently manage their working capital and cash flows.
How advanced analytics and machine learning are transforming the role of Finance Controllers Learn why it is becoming crucial for businesses to empower their finance controllers with advanced analytics and AI/ML led solutions.
Use Cases of AI/ML in Finance Modern organisations are massively transforming their finance function by leveraging data and applying advanced statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms.
Data transformation and aggregation You might want to transform your data for a number of reasons. Raw data from source systems are not always meant for Analytics reporting. Generally, businesses want to transform
Integrate all data in a centralized datamart Once you have pulled data via API, the next step is to decide on a cloud solution where this data will be extracted and store. There are many cloud solutions providers viz. Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud etc. Here, in this article, we will be discussing how we can use Microsoft Azure cloud to implement a Data Mart.
Create strategies to pull data on a regular basis After identifying the data sources, we next have to learn the mechanism to retrieve data from these sources. Data that is being generated on a daily basis makes it hard to track all the hidden insight. Let’s look at the steps to extract these data.
Collect & understand data granularity based on your reporting needs The very first step is to get a high-level sketch of the FP&A Dashboard and determine the granularity of information needed. Let’s take an example; the above dashboard has key metrics viz. Revenue, COGS, SG&A, EBITDA which can be sliced by Departments, Months etc.
Start with a “customer-centric” approach to financial analytics The main consumer of any BI / Analytics solution is C-suites and the end goal is to get desired reports, dashboards and interactive visualizations which can drive critical decisions for their business. The important thing is to understand that Analytics is no more a Techie’s play and rather it should be simple yet provide powerful insights. However, there are several layers to a comprehensive BI solution which are not directly visible to Stakeholders.
Advanced Analytics and AI, ML
Data analytics is transforming the way CPG companies make pricing decisions Unlock profitable avenues with data analytics for CPG pricing optimization. Gain insights into customer behavior, demand patterns, and market trends. Drive revenue growth and foster customer loyalty through optimized pricing strategies.
Data analytics to optimize CPG supply chain costs By investing in data-driven insights, CPG companies can significantly reduce costs and clear out inefficiencies associated with their supply chain networks, leading to enhanced profitability across the value chain
How can analytics increase the reliability of the supply chain? Supply chains are the backbone of successful organisations. These complex webs of interconnected networks help in delivering superior customer experiences, reducing operational costs, and integrating stakeholders across the value chain. No wonder, every organisation desire to have vibrant, dynamic, and reliable supply chain networks capable of reducing operational costs and improving profitability.
How is big data and analytics helping the automotive industry? Here's a look at some brand-new degrees of opportunities in the automotive industry, arising from the adoption of big data and analytics. These include improved efficiency, elevated customer experiences, new levels of growth and profitability, and much more.
Business Intelligence or Advanced Analytics When we are behind the wheel we not only keep our eyes on the road ahead of us; we also keep an eye on what is occurring in the rear-view mirror. In the same vein, every business will find this to be true. All aspects of the company's history, present, and future must be carefully examined if a healthy expansion is to occur.
Analytics Trends in 2023
Top 5 Trends of Data Analytics in 2023 The world of analytics and data is always evolving. Technologies that provide quicker and more accurate access to information are continually being developed. Our Principal Data Architect, Ajith Sasidharan, provides a rundown of the key trends that will have the biggest impact on how data and analytics are used to fuel business success in 2023.
Analytics Transformatio Tips
Five tips to transform your organisation's analytics journey Anshuman Bhar talks about the holistic transformation in the organization's analytics journey to realize the maximum benefits from data.
A Guide to Data in Automotive Aftermarket When I first imagined the use of data in Automotive aftermarket, I painted a picture where the vehicle enters the service station, and the camera captures its registration number and then the system pulls out data from thousands of sensors in the vehicle to prepare a job card which tells which part or system of the vehicle needs attention. I am nowhere close to that as of today but it’s realistically possible.
What’s next? In the world of accounting and finance, we have been getting better at automating processes. These processes have helped us assess past performance with a few clicks of the trackpad of our laptops. If we think of what the next stage of evolution for us is, the answer lies within the question. The answer is ‘what is next?’
Analytics Tools
Architectural Patterns for Analytics Journey Leveraging Azure Cloud Tech-Stack
Architectural Patterns for Analytics Journey Leveraging Azure Cloud Tech-Stack In today’s world any organization which is not utilizing its data for gaining insights will fall behind its competitors. Data has become an important part of the working of an organization be it for monitoring, analyzing, or predicting requirements.
New to Databricks? Here Are Some Useful Tips
New to Databricks? Here Are Some Useful Tips The transition to Spark from python can be quite challenging at first as we are introduced to a whole new set of terminology such as clusters, pool, mounts, spark API, and so on. In this post, we will look at how Microsoft Azure Databricks may be used.
Performance Optimization for Apache Spark
Performance Optimization for Apache Spark Apache Spark assists businesses in resolving data processing issues due to its quick data-processing capabilities. Any data processing program's performance is a crucial factor to consider while it's being developed. The following are the most important performance optimization strategies in Apache Spark.
Common mistakes
Common mistakes made by a Powerbi beginner & their best practice solutions Mistakes are inevitable while learning a new tool. After all, that’s how you learn it. There is no learning without putting it into practice. But if you are a novice & are trying to deliver a Powerbi dashboard in the form of a report to the client, the following will save you a bunch of time.
 Why do you need a Power BI consultant?
Why do you need a Power BI consultant? Just getting the data into tables is not the goal of creating analytics projects, right? Each type of data can be best represented by a particular type of chart like a balance sheet that is best shown on a waterfall chart, cash burn on a line chart, etc. A Power BI consultant knows exactly which kind of chart is suitable for any information.
Company Updates
Renewing our partnership with Microsoft: From Gold to Azure Solutions Partner The Microsoft Partner Program underwent a transformation, transitioning from Microsoft Partner Network to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, and so have we in our partnership.
Aays Analytics forays into APAC region; kick-starts operations in Singapore By establishing our presence in Singapore, we aim to increase the company's reach in the SEA area with a hope to explore and create new business opportunities.
Aays Analytics is now a Microsoft gold partner
Aays Analytics is now a Microsoft gold partner Aays is one of the best teams when it comes to culture, people-centricity, freedom to explore and express yourself. The team is driven by the passion to create something new every day. There are no judgments for any attempts which has not yielded the desired results. The focus is to learn, correct, aim again and achieve the intended goal.
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