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Nourishing a Relationship with Thoughts and Actions

We keep hearing about many organisations (expressing through various forms of communication) that Human Capital is their most important asset. While this narrative is very simple to communicate, the struggle in most organisations is to demonstrate the true value of people, through actions and results. At Aays Analytics, the belief that Human Capital is the most valuable asset seems to happen consistently, naturally and with great ease. Indicators of this point keep coming through in many forms within the organisation; in areas like, team work, communications model, operational reviews, milestone and contribution recognitions, and other areas. The leadership team in Aays believes in nourishing the relations with all the members of the organisation through various initiatives on a regular basis. There is always an element of surprise and thoughtfulness when the initiatives are executed in our organization. Hence a very proactive action. We have adequate examples of it when we scan our environment for performance recognitions, New Year Gifts and others to name a few. gifts While we receive the gifts, the material value of what we receive is not the critical area. It is more about the subtle message every tangible action has deeply embedded in it - “One Team with One Thought.” This is the eco system Aays has developed and this is the way it has sustained the “Employee Connect” dimension in an exceptional manner. Under the pandemic conditions as well, the Aays Leadership has been outstanding in ensuring energy levels in operational thinking. Here, it is not about monitoring employee productivity while we are working remotely. It is more about an inclusive approach wherein every member of the Aays family is consistently reached out to and informed … “You are important, we acknowledge and respect your efforts and your contribution is recognized by the organisation” . We at Aays Analytics believe in nurturing talented minds and enabling them to embark a fulfilling career etched in excellence and success. Want to be a part of our on-growing quest for brilliance? Visit our career page.
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