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We are the best destination for industry’s top talent
At Aays, we seek to be the most dependable and forward-thinking data analytics partner for the corporate finance teams.
While working with us, you'll be able to see the full impact of the work you do. You will become the finest version of yourself and create some life-changing experiences by being motivated by the leaders and peers. Regardless of your position, you'll have the opportunity to advance your career within the company.
A world of talent at Aays Analytics
We are a team of passionate data scientists, engineers, designers and management consultants deeply driven by our mission to help organizations make the most out of their data assets.
We have a deep expertise in modern, highly scalable, secure and cloud native technologies and are building a center of excellence for financial data analytics
Avinash Sidha
VP – Business Development & Client Delivery
Aays is more focused towards technology, which means, we are working on latest technologies, following latest technological trends, adapting to new technology solutions and staying afloat on all those things.
Lavanya Karhadkar
Senior Data Analyst
Aays has given me the much needed client exposure. I knew the technologies, but I got the hands-on-experience after joining Aays. I am getting a very good exposure and a lot of opportunities to hone my skills.
Lalu Prasad Lanka
Data Scientist
We are a group of passionate people and we keep inspiring each other. There is a lot of transparency in whatever happens in our organization, even at managerial and financial levels.

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