130% Increase in active user base with modern data architecture for a fleet management firm

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They are one of the most successful independent fleet management and leasing solutions companies in Australia. They manage 50K+ fleets and 5K+ drivers for a wide range of customers across Australia, including industrial, governmental, and commercial enterprises, and started using data technology to improve customer experience. Currently, the firm is changing the fleet management sector by introducing new innovations and data technology, notably in the field of telematics and driver behaviour monitoring, in order to make roads safer and provide more visibility and tracking for all clients.
Business Requirements
With over 3,500 clients and 50,000 fleets, the executive team needed a robust and updated infrastructure so that data could be used as a key business product to give statistics on fleet costs, vehicle replacement, telematics, and driver behaviour monitoring, among other things. In other words, they were seeking the following solutions:
Visibility on fleet costs and total cost of ownership (TCO)
Minimized TCO, which means, determining the optimum use of 'individual' vehicles in the fleet in order to reduce the total cost of ownership of the 'whole fleet' while keeping the same level of usage required across the spectrum and at the cost-center level.
Key Results
With Aays as a strategic partner for Data Technology, the company achieved critical milestones in its analytics transformation program which resulted in a huge upliftment of client sentiments, increase in analytics adoption of its active user base and improved visibility for tracking and cost management.
There were several challenges with regards to customer experience, complex data landscape, and so on, arising out of legacy issues. The data architecture was inflexible, unable to link different data sets and cope with the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data. Hence, the solution warranted a complete revamp of the data technology architecture.
Key challenges while working on the modern data architecture
Providing a Consistent Customer Experience

A key issue was developing a robust architecture that would deliver optimal performance and a fantastic user experience for over 3,500 users.

Complex Data Landscape

Data was gathered from over six corporate systems, including telematics, driver information, fleet information, and financial information.

Data Infrastructure Cost Implications

Given the scope of the data technology, it was critical to optimise the data model and choose appropriate modules in order to keep infrastructure maintenance costs low.

Key Results
With Aays as a strategic partner for data technology, the company achieved critical milestones in its analytics transformation program which resulted in a huge upliftment of client sentiments, increase in analytics adoption of its active user base and improved visibility for tracking and cost management. Our solutions helped unlock the resales value of the unused vehicles. The success of the program resulted in launching ‘fleet as an optimization’ service by the company. Among other significant metrics, the company registered a 18% P&L savings and a 10% fleet optimization.
Increase in Active User Base
Improvement in Visibility and Tracking
Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Score
Deliverables and Key Features of the project
Fleet Cost Analytics
Aays teamed up with the company to understand key areas where data can be utilized and accordingly dashboards were created to provide detailed tracking on fleet expenditure viz. fuel, maintenance, insurance, depreciation etc. This helped fleet managers to get a better understanding and visibility on fleet and optimize expenses wherever required. Dashboards on fleet cost analytics were created providing visibility on total cost of ownership (TCO).
Access Management
Aays deployed its proprietary PaaS solution (AIP) within the company’s web portal to enable secure login and access for content sharing, data management and easy administration for the company’s 3,500+ customers. Moreover, the infrastructure was optimized to ensure optimal customer experience and dashboard performance when content is accessed simultaneously.
Vehicle Replacement Tracker
Detailed information on fleet parameters such as age, number of kilometres run, etc. was provided by Aays to assess vehicle replacement plan and enable fleet managers keep track of the upcoming replacement date for better management. We helped them in:
Determining the optimal number of vehicles required for the fleet. Compared these with current fleet and recommended which vehicles to decommission
Determining optimal usage for each vehicle. Compared this with current usage and recommended how vehicles should be swapped (between cost centres)
Telematics and Driver Monitoring
Real time analytics were provided on drivers’ real-time location, driving schedule, driver journey, etc. to help them maintain safe driving practices and create great customer experience
“Aays Analytics transitioned our core BI platform away from a proprietary product BIRST to a modernised architecture platform which Aays built in our Azure tenancy using Azure ADF, Datalake, Azure SQL DWH, Analytics services and Power BI.The team were able to quickly adjust and reverse engineer the dashboard visualisations with efficiency and accuracy to reproduce the visuals on the new platform. In the process dashboard page load times reduced from 30 to sub 3 seconds which led to an uplift in client sentiment.”