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We have been helping our customers innovate faster by harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence (AI). To strengthen our offerings, we got into a strategic partnership with Databricks, a prominent platform for advanced analytics and data solutions and services, to bring state-of-the-art data, analytics, and AI solutions and services to our clients.

Delivering Rapid Success on Projects

With Databricks, our clients get faster time-to-value because we build analytic processes for them that span from ETL to interactive exploration to production. Our data science teams easily interact with data engineers and lines of business to produce data solutions using Databricks which is a unified analytics platform powered by Apache Spark.

Using these superior data analytics solutions, our analytics experts assist organizations in accelerating their digital transformation and application modernization journey. With the support of Databricks, we help clients overcome the key pain points of flexible data consumption. Databricks offers flexibility in terms of seamless cloud integration, familiar language and environment, increased productivity and collaboration, easy Microsoft stack integration, and additional data sources coverage.

Our collaboration is also fueling advancements in the development of best-in-class analytics products and solutions utilizing Databricks.

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Unrivalled Speed to Market using Databricks
Databricks makes it simple for its clients to set up a continuous integration environment. It not only streamlines processes in order to give demonstrable gains in business KPIs, but it also assists clients in managing infrastructure complexity and expenses. We use our unique selling points (USPs) when implementing Databricks projects. We combine our project frameworks with accelerators, as well as business and technical consulting expertise, to provide you unrivalled time to market. This helps with early concept validation, stakeholder trust development, and rapid innovation.
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