End to end finance analytics
and consulting

Facilitating and automating intelligent decision making for finance and FP&A teams
Whatever your organization, whatever your industry, the role of finance has expanded and transformed. Today, finance is more complex and is certainly facing a wide range of challenges and demands across sectors. Aays Finance Analytics and Consulting comes as an empowering body, helping the CFOs and their teams become more insight-driven and strategically oriented.
We help transform the finance function through our unrivaled expertise, experience and resources
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Strategic Financial Analytics Consulting


Advanced Technical and Disruptive Technologies


Certified Analytics and Finance Consultants

We empower CFOs to steer the data driven journey
We have the expertise to empower CFOs as they become strategic partners accountable for creating value across the entire business
We help you drive positive financial outcomes through effective data use
We help you create a roadmap to put data at the core of your value generation
We assess business value and performance by applying rigorous analytical tools and methodologies
We help you align operational tactics with financial plans to understand what's truly driving your business
Shaping your business strategy and controlling the strategy execution
Our strategic finance analytics consultants are a team-extension for our world-class clients, and provide business-ready services and innovation in finance analytics that are difficult to match. We help finance functions leverage the power of analytics and deliver much more than accurate predictive and planning reports.
Revenue Improvement
Delivering powerful intelligence to help you improve your revenue at an all-enterprise-level
Increase in Profits
Comprehensive frameworks with actionable insights and deep diving into multiple dimensions of profitability
Cash Flow Improvement
Coordinated efforts to optimise working capital and manage cash flow strategy through predictive analytics
Minimize Risk
Risk reduction through proactive and continuous risk measuring, monitoring and managing processes
Increase in ROI
Leveraging artificial intelligence, descriptive and predictive analytics to help improve ROIs on various spends
We offer end-to-end deployment and consolidation of machine learning models into the FP&A processes

Data labeling, clustering, and segmentation

Model testing and fine-tuning

Deployment and integration with enterprise systems

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