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Aays Insight Portal

Multi Tenant

Aays Insight Portal (AIP) is our proprietary SaaS tool for power BI report distribution, administration and data management. Let your insightful Power BI reports reach your customers at pace without waiting for IT.

If it sounds like a tool you have been looking for, let us tell you it can be deployed both as a Single Tenant or Multi-Tenant SaaS solution.

Deployments Supported

Multi Tenant

Multi Tenant

Complete peace of mind, we'll manage and host your AIP instance in our cloud environment. We are fully GDPR compliant and take care of your data. Our team continuously optimises the infrastructure to give you the best service

Single Tenant

Single Tenant

You already have a cloud provider and you want to host AIP in your cloud, no problem. We will spinoff dedicated infrastructure in your cloud environment. We'll manage the infrastructure to make sure you get a similar level of experience as our multi-tenant customers get

Why AIP?

Customized Dashboard

Customized Dashboard

Interactive reports can be created fully customized for your business as per your needs. We understand that every business is unique and hence no standardized dashboard can work for your business especially in today’s dynamic business environment.

Gone are the days when you had to spend millions of dollars, hire tech geeks, spend numerous amounts of hours in training, do complex project management and buy IT infrastructure to implement simple Management Information systems let alone complete Analytics suit. We work at the backend to get all your data story using modern data visuals.

Integrate Any Data

Integrate Any Data

Aays brings you a simple yet powerful platform wherein we combine critical aspects of data engineering to integrate all your data sources – be it on premise or on-cloud. We integrate all sources of data and store it in a single secured server and visualize it in our platform.

You certainly don’t need to hire a data engineer or spend tons of time to prepare your data for reporting needs. We are enablers of a modern data integration in the cloud.

Export Your Data

Export Underlying Data

While you see your business KPIs in a fully customized dashboards, you would still need to analyze the underlying data for that visuals for ad-hoc business analysis. Our embedded analytics platform supports this critical feature where not only data can be easily exported from visuals but also data sources can be easily exported into raw tables.

You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to create such integrated tools where you can visualize data and export data at ease.

Organize Reports by Team

Organize Reports by Team

Easy organization of reports to share relevant data with different team members with confidence.

Data Flow Control

Refresh/Stop/Cancel data flow from any system to Reports On Demand with a click of a button
Ready AI ML

Ready for AI / ML

We are creating a data foundation that's AI and ML ready. Data scientistswho will define the rules of engagement to communicate insights to critical business stakeholders can now start working on the data directly as the data foundation is already in place to run meaningful AI/ML model.

If still wondering which plan is best for you