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We combine our expertise in industry, business processes and technology to help our customers solve complex business challenges. We have a deep expertise in modern, highly scalable, secure and cloud native technologies and are building a centre of excellence for financial data analytics. Our engineering teams have skill sets to solve complex data engineering, business intelligence and data science problems. We are proud that we provide thought leadership in many of the technology areas to some of the largest organizations in the world.
Our consulting services
Data Engineering
Ensuring your data is in right place, at the right time and in the right format
Business Intelligence
A full range of BI services to drive cost savings and improve performance
Data Science
Leveraging advanced data science techniques to strategize and optimize operations
Data Engineering
We know the impact data can have on your business when it is in the right place, at the right time and in the right format. So, we have the modern data architectures at your service. Our data engineering services makes it possible for you to replace your costly, burdensome in-house data infrastructure and turn your big data pipelines into robust systems, prepared for business analytics, so that you can unleash the power of data for your business growth.
1. Cloud architecture consulting 2. ETL/ELT data pipeline development 3. Big data and cloud engineering
Our Data Engineering Approach
1. Understand the business requirement 2. Understand the source system landscape 3. Design the target architecture to meet the business needs
1. Identify the systems, tables and fields to be extracted 2. Develop pipelines to collect the data from source systems
1. Develop data models to reflect the business model 2. Aggregate, drill down and massage data
1. Load the raw or transformed data in the Datawarehouse or any system of your choice 2. Test the quality of data
1. Define the consumers of data. i.e. BI teams, Data Scientists, etc. 2. Develop authorisation for different teams to access data
Business Intelligence
Through our business intelligence services, we bridge data gaps and provide you the hidden insights into your finances and operations. We do this by facilitating imperative data-driven workflows by developing BI strategies, designs and optimizing BI architectures. With Aays Analytics, you will get a full range of BI services aimed at leveraging business analytics to drive cost savings and improve performance.
1 .BI Migration 2. Power BI dashboard development 3. Power BI premium implementation 3. Embedded analytics
Our Business Intelligence Approach
Business requirements mapping
Identify the well suited technology
Design a custom solution
identify the data fields in the data mart
Integrate with enterprise systems
Develop Data visualisation
Develop symantec model
Cleanse the data
Data science
Our team of data science experts enables you to find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations while exploring new market opportunities. We help our clients reduce revenue leakages and boost bottom line productivity using advanced data science solutions. We hold the potential to solve the toughest data challenges, predict demand for products and services and guide business strategies based on data insights and foresight.
1. Customer analytics 2. Predictive analytics 3. Time series forecasting 4. Natural language processing 5. Fraud detection/ anomaly detection
Our Data Science Approach
Business requirements gathering
Exploratory data analysis and data preparation
Feature engineering
Model development
Model deployment
Model continuous improvement
Microsoft technologies we work with
Open source tools we work with
Insights that help you grow your business
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