Our Technology Partners

Technology partners
Through our coalition with some of the world's top technology companies, we're offering cutting edge data analytics solutions and services to our clients. We are transforming the management of finances at an all enterprise level with modern and advanced analytics frameworks and are enabling the finance function to perform in a much more data-driven manner.
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We are an analytics partners worth partnering with! Do you want to know how we have helped companies like yours make the most of their data?
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Aays Revenue Booster
Aays Revenue Booster (ARBTM) is a flexible and scalable enabler that collects, cleanses, correlates, and analyzes your data footprints and unearths the insights that drive new revenue opportunities, while optimizing the existing revenue streams for you. It uses advanced analytics, machine learning, data science and statistical techniques to empower you to use enterprise data and help you monitor, and improve your revenue goals
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Aays Profit Driver
Aays Profit Driver (APDTM) brings together a strategic framework where internal and external profit drivers are unified in a singular model to provide insights from short term and long term perspectives. The backend engine modularizes datasets and complex relationships which impacts profitability in such a manner that can not only provide the root cause analysis but also bring in hidden insights using statistical techniques and state of the art machine learning models
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Aays Cash Analytics
Aays Cash Analytics (ACATM) comes as a next gen cash flow and working capital analytics platform. We know that the overall cash flow numbers are typically pulled together by finance teams But, irony! They often lack visibility on the operational drivers behind the cash flow outcomes.
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Aays Risk Analytics
Aays Exhaustive Risk Analytics (AERATM) is the new differentiator! It enables you to establish a unified strategy to measure, monitor and manage risks at an all-enterprise level. This advanced risk analytics platform taps next-generation data and analytics tools, powered by big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to provide comprehensive and forward-looking risk insights for your multi channel and multinational business environments.
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Aays ROI Intensifier
With Aays ROI Intensifier (ARITM), the finance and the FP&A teams are best positioned to use data and analytics to drive higher returns on investment across the business
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